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MILANO September 21st, 2017 – Tennis Club Montestella replaces iodide lamps with new PEGASO LED lamps.

The two presostatic coverings are now illuminated by 1,2kW, 120° beam agle LED lamps. The illumination result is more than 300lux; 120° beam angle optic avoids any kind of shadow and allows the perfect view of the tennis ball even on high launchs. The game area is now illuminated up to 5mt. hight.


field 1


field 2



Pegaso Systems designs and manufactures in Italy high technology LED lights with the goal of providing the best product to the market. Besides the supply of lighting equipment we offer “tailor made” solutions, detecting the size of the space to be illuminated and the standards to be met depending on the intended use (workplace norms UNI EN 12464-2, sport federations, etc…). The accurate use of design tools completes the offer, allowing Pegaso Systems to ALWAYS ensure the intended result. For this reason we are sure to be your “Ideal Project Partner”.


A cutting edge LED lamp reaching the highest levels of performance and efficiency for the illumination of large industrial areas, logistics and sports facilities.
The constant product update to be always a step ahead of competitors.
A lighting simulation to ensures the customer the espected illuminance and the cheapest investment.
Top quality components to assure the maximum duration of its products; considering the LCC (Life Cycle Cost) a PEGASO lamp is always more convenient than any competitor.


Consultancy – we start from your lighting needs to study the most suitable lighting system, making available our skills to make the project operational.
Installation and testing – we verify that the system installation is performed in a workmanlike manner, especially during mounting and pointing of the lamps. Our final test ensures the result.
Maintenance – our commitment is to continue to ensure the efficiency of the system, through the service extended warranty and maintenance.
Operating lease – no initial investment; recurrent rates are covered by the economic saving on energy expense; maintenance of the system is included for the whole leasing period.
Pay per use – a smart “all inclusive” formula; an automation service, simplifies the Sport Center management.


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